The Rookie Podcast, Episode Three: Be Proud of Who You Are

 Olympic medalist Ibtihaj Muhammad and writer George Saunders offer wisdom galore.

This week’s episode of the Rookie Podcast is here, and it’s like a motivational poster for the walls of your brain. In the latest installment of Ask a Grown, author and dad George Saunders shares wisdom on how to find your purpose and your people; plus, he gives mansplaining two thumbs down. Later in the episode, Tavi’s interview with United States Olympic fencer and fashion entrepreneur Ibtihaj Muhammad is packed with affirming encouragement that you’ll want to memorize and repeat to yourself in the mirror. Ibtihaj won a bronze medal at the 2016 summer Olympics, and she’s been her own cheerleader since she was a kid: “Constantly telling myself and believing in myself that I can be great has allowed me to be successful.” And finally, Dylan Tupper Rupert offers her personal primer on how to get into astrology in a new segment called Starter Pack. There’s so much to mull over here! Listen on iTunesSpotifyGoogle Play, or Stitcher, and leave us a review if you’d like.

P.S. We want to hear from you! Throughout season one of the Rookie Podcast, we’ll be including readers’ voice memos. Email a voice memo—with a question for Ask a Grown, a comment, or whatever else is on your mind—to trongrau1368@gmail.com! ♦

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