The Rookie Podcast, Episode Four: Sixteen Blue

 This week’s guest is Winona Ryder!!!

Yes, you read that correctly: Winona! Ryder! In this week’s episode of the Rookie Podcast, the star of Stranger Things, Beetlejuice, and pretty much all of our other favorites sits down for a long, edifying chat with Tavi. They talk about J. D. Salinger, “feeling like a ball of contradictions,” and what Winona imagines a Heathers sequel might have been like. You will not want to miss it. In the latest Life Skills, Ogechi and Ugochi Egonu—sisters and first-generation Nigerian Americans—talk about how to start to the process of relearning your mother tongue. It’s a must-listen for anyone who may be feeling “disconnected from their language, their culture, and their people.” Finally, in this week’s edition of Ask a Grown, writer Ashley C. Ford gives advice on how to bring authentic diversity to stories: “People who are trying to tell stories that are in any way reflective of the real world have to have people of color in them.” This episode could not be more packed with the best stuff. Listen on iTunesSpotifyGoogle Play, or Stitcher.

P.S. Talk to us! Email a voice memo—with a review of the podcast, a question for Ask a Grown, or anything else you want to say—to trongrau1368@gmail.com, and we may feature it in a future episode. ♦

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