The lead counsel for the plaintiffs in the Title 42 Case, Lee Gelernt, on the border crisis : "Congress needs to put more resources in. It's all about these families."

An ACLU lawyer, Lee Gelernt, told the hosts of "CNN This Morning" that people are "overstating what's happening at the border."

"From a public policy, you can’t misuse public health. It was not intended to regulate the border. I also think people are overstating what’s happening at the border. If you close the border for so long, of course, there’s going to be a temporary influx of people, but ultimately, it’ll even out, and the federal government has more than enough resources to deal with this," Gelernt said.

Gelernt also said that Title 42 was acting as a "crutch" and that the Biden administration has "not been great" on the border, adding that it was "troubling." 

MSNBC's Chris Hayes, who also interviewed Gelernt on Tuesday, said during the interview that Title 42 was just a "way of avoiding the issue."

"It just seems like a way of avoiding the issue, and trying to, I don’t know what, strong arm the administration into keeping this Trump policy, but it just seems like a failure in every direction," he said. 


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