Pelosi, on the final day of the session this year, walking into the chamber. She says in response to McCarthy saying $1.7 trillion omnibus is “one of the most shameful acts” he’s seen in the House. “I can’t help but wonder, had he forgotten January 6th?”

 President Biden signed a short-term bill Friday intended to ensure the government remains functioning ahead of the upcoming $1.7 trillion spending bill. 

The short-term bill postpones the deadline for funding until Dec. 30, giving the White House breathing room as Biden prepares to sign the much more expensive funding bill in the coming week. 

The more than 4,000-page bill will fund the government for the rest of the fiscal year and includes more than 7,200 earmarks totaling more than $15 billion.

Without an extension, the US government would risk a shutdown until the package is approved. 

The Senate on Thursday approved the $1.7 trillion spending bill with help from more than a dozen Republican lawmakers after a fight over immigration policy nearly derailed the legislation.

The U.S. House of Representatives quickly approved the bill on Friday.

House lawmakers rushed the bill out the door as harsh winter weather threatened to delay their flights back home. After discussing the rule that set the terms of debate on the bill for a full hour, House members gave just a cursory, shortened debate on the bill itself before voting began.

The bill provides $858 billion for defense, $787 billion for non-defense domestic programs and nearly $45 billion for military and humanitarian aid to Ukraine. 

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