The Rookie Podcast, Episode Eight: More of Myself

 Tavi lols with actress, producer, and painter Alia Shawkat.

This week on the Rookie Podcast: Tavi interviews actress, painter, and producer Alia Shawkat. In their lol-ful chat, Alia talks about her latest project, Paint It Black, plus what it was like to work on Search Party and Arrested Development. She also volunteers as this episode’s official grown person, giving Ask a Grown advice to Rookie readers and listeners. Warning: You’re probably going to laugh out loud at this episode, in case you’re planning on listening in class, the library, or another otherwise-silent zone. (Any glares from teachers/authority figures will be worth it.) Also in this episode, Dylan Tupper Rupert presents bookmark-worthy skills on how to navigate an existential crisis (recommended tools include cute dogs and bathroom floors). Listen on iTunesSpotifyGoogle Play, or Stitcher! ♦

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