This is the least shocking thing in US politics since Epstein's death

Hmm. What's it say when two Republicans sound like Cringe Jean-Paul. Oh, it works. Cringe. Cringe Jean-Paul. This is going to stick. But it does make me long for the honesty of Jen Psaki. But it's obvious that Jan. 6 is their therapy and nothing more. Because as a criminal referral, it doesn't mean anything. It doesn't obligate feds to bring a case, meaning the hearing was simply a political vendetta disguised as a hearing, but turned into a show trial. And once again, this isn't any more surprising than our president huffing a bottle of Johnson and Johnson "No More Tears" shampoo. Just a piece of fake news in a week where the networks take what they can get. And they took it because they're already on vacation from reality.

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